Weight Management from the inside out

If diet and exercise hasn’t worked for you, you are not alone. “Weight Management from the Inside Out” is about turning any diet and exercise suggestions into your lifetime habits. Most people make the tragic mistake of simply replacing one diet with another, instead of developing the two or three critical inner skills for long term success.

For any lifelong dieter, the daily fight between food cravings and weight loss desires is the moment of truth. It might be the donut at the drive thru, the lunch court, the extra serving at dinner, TV indulgences or late night eating or some deeper feeling or ache that cries out for a treat. These are the real moments when weight is gained or lost.

We might have only five of these moments a day, but the decisions we make, from the inside out, add up to success or failure at weight management.

Most lifetime dieters have stacks of books telling them what to eat

or how to exercise. But little is written about how to coach yourself to actually make the healthy choice during these challenging moments, until now. Welcome to my blog.

Studies have shown that successful weight management, taking it off for good, is connected to a person having a deep sense of self-confidence in solving weight loss situations. Further predictors of keeping weight off for good include being able to deal with stress, coping with challenging eating moments and having people to count on.

I am a psychiatrist and a certified ICF coach. For 25 years I have empowered people to live healthier, thinner, fuller lives by bringing out the best in them. Diet and exercise books give great advice. Personal trainers, dieticians, nutritionists all tell you what to do. My role for 25 years has been to develop strategies to get you, to get yourself off that couch and do it. I have written two books on weight management, led weight management groups and I have educated physicians, nurses, dietitians on how to effectively coach their patients and clients.

I believe deeply that this blog offers an opportunity for a transformative online weight loss community. A place where hope is maintained and your lifestyle skills are truly enhanced. As your health coach, I want you to discover the inner skills so that you finally have the motivation to change. I want you to be inspired and empowered to find authentic, lifelong weight loss solutions.

This blog is more than a discussion; realize that each of you offers the solution for someone else.

Please watch the welcome video so you can better understand the journey to success that we will be taking together.